Human rights and the Olympic Movement : estrangements and approximations / Billy Graeff, Daiana Viacelli Fernandes

Graeff, Billy | Viacelli Fernandes, Daiana

This article focuses on the connexion between the Olympic Movement and human rights issues, specifically addressing the Summer Games that took place in 2000 (Sydney), 2004 (Athens), 2008 (Beijing), 2012 (London), and 2016 (Rio de Janeiro). Initially, the text locates the Olympic Games in the context of global capitalism. Later, the article highlights aspects of the Games that have become affected by human rights issues in the XXI century. Next, the authors give examples of how these issues have been interpreted in the context of the Olympic Movement. Finally, they indicate ways in which the academic community can contribute to help issues related to human rights become an integral part of the Olympic Movement.

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