Bridging the divide in sport and sustainable development : a guide for translating policy into practice and effective programme management / Etsuko Yamada, Ben Sanders

Yamada, Etsuko | Sanders, Ben

Edité par The Japan Sport Council - 2022

Sport is increasingly used as a tool for sustainable development by a growing range of actors sectors and geographies. Despite this growth, there remain gaps in understanding and application among policy makers and practitioners as to how sport can best contribute to sustainable development. This practical guidebook aims to bridge the divide between policy and practice, between theory and reality, by detailing the main factors to consider when designing, delivering and evaluating initiatives using sport for sustainable development. It is an invaluable resource that seeks to build capacity among policy makers and programme managers within and beyond the sport sector, contributing to improved policies and programmes, and ultimately impact.

Edition electronique : version 1 (2022). - Edition papier : version 1.3 (2022).

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