The Olympic villages and Olympic urban planning : analysis and evaluation of the impact on territorial and urban planning (XX-XXI centuries) / Valerio della Sala

Della Sala, Valerio

Edité par Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona - 2022

The study analyses the Winter and Summer Olympic villages in a general way with a special focus on the relationship between the Olympic village and the urban fabric. The author examines the Olympic villages based on the quantitative treatment of statistical data referring to a series of criteria or parameters useful to characterize each specific experience. This research aims to demonstrate how socio-urban implications, impact, legacy and sustainability are key aspects to consider when planning and evaluation the Olympic Games.

A pour autre édition : Las villas Olímpicas y el urbanismo Olímpico : análisis y evaluación del impacto en la planificación territorial y urbanística : (siglos XX-XXI)


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