Sport and active society programmes : a guide to implementation / International Olympic Committee

International Olympic Committee

Edited by International Olympic Committee - 2015

The fundamental idea behind Sport and Active Society is that an active population engaged in sport at all levels makes for a healthier society. For society to realise the full benefits of an active population, it is critical that every member of that population is engaged in some form of sport or physical activity. A crucial component of the growth of Sport for All is the implementation of initiatives and programmes that allow people all over the world access to sport, regardless of their gender, age, social status or other factors. These programmes are designed to bring sport to individuals or groups within society that otherwise would not have such an opportunity. They aim to achieve a better quality of life for participants as well as improving the well-being of society as a whole, and this is what Sport and Active Society is about. This short guide will take you through these building blocks, giving you a feel for how you too can start a Sport and Active Society programme and make access to sport that bit easier for your community today.

Has for another edition on the same medium: Projets de sport et société active : guide pratique - 2015

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