Children, young people and sport : studies on experience and meaning / by Richard L. Light

Light, Richard Lawrence

Edited by Cambridge Scholars Publishing - 2016

This book redresses a pressing need for us to understand the motivations of children and young people in playing sport, what it means to them, and how it fits into their everyday lives. It is research-heavy, with each chapter presenting the results of a different study conducted on children and young peoples participation in sport across a diverse range of ages, settings and sports from a humanistic perspective. Well-written and accessible, it captures the texture, nuances and meanings of participation in different sports in Australia, France, Japan and New Zealand in order to situate learning and the nature of children experiences within their social and cultural contexts. It provides valuable insights into the subjective nature of children and young peoples participation in sport, and should be read by anyone interested in children and youth sport, from academics, undergraduate and postgraduate students to coaches, teachers, parents and youth sport administrators.

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