Young people's perceptions of the main outcomes of participating in sport and physical activity / Ed Cope

Cope, Ed | Bailey, Richard

Edited by University of Hull - 2016

It is well understood that regular participation in sport and physical activity has the potential to bring a wide range of positive outcomes to people’s lives. However, what is not so well understood is whether young children are able to identify these outcomes. If children are unable to recognise these then it is likely that they are not being given an opportunity to learn about them. The responsibility to teach young children often lies with parents, teachers, or coaches. Indeed, the way these social groups structure the learning environment will impact how children experience sport and physical activity and what they learn. The primary purpose of this study was to understand what children perceived as the outcomes of their participation in sport and physical activity. Within this purpose, a sub objective was to investigate the extent to which young children were able to recognise the Olympic values through their participation. The final purpose was to understand where children had developed a knowledge and understanding of the outcomes of sport and physical activity

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