International sports volunteering / ed. by Angela M. Benson... [et al.]

Benson, Angela M.. Editor.

Edited by Routledge - 2017

Sport volunteering is becoming an increasingly popular motive for international travel. Many tourism organisations now advertise sport volunteering projects, with colleges and universities also offering students the opportunity to participate in similar projects abroad. This is the first book to bring together diverse and interdisciplinary insights into the development of the contemporary sport volunteering phenomenon. It addresses conceptual uncertainties and challenges emerging from the growing international sport volunteering market, and offers insight into its future directions, impact and sustainability. Drawing on both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, part I examines volunteering in the context of international sporting events, while part II evaluates volunteering initiatives related to sport development. Including case studies from Australia, Cameroon, Namibia, Norway, Russia, the UK, the US and Zambia, this substantial volume provides a truly international perspective on the changing roles of sport volunteering. Showcasing the latest research from across the globe, “International sports volunteering” is a valuable resource for any course on sport studies, sport event management, sport development, sport tourism, sport geography, the sociology of sport or leisure studies.

Introduction : directions and insight in international sport volunteering research / Angela M Benson and Nicholas Wise -- Co-creation in events : values of volunteers and volunteer tourists at Iditarod in Alaska and the Finnmark race in Norway / Kari Jaeger and Line Mathisen -- Creativity-based volunteering at the Winter Olympics in Sochi : beyond sport and borders / Valery Gordin and Irina Borovskaia -- Living abroad and volunteering at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow / Nicholas Wise -- The transgressive potential of volunteering : issues and legacies at the 2014 Cleveland/Akron Gay Games / Nigel Jarvis -- Pull factors for Perth : developing an international golf volunteer engagement strategy (iGoVolES) / Alfred Ogle and David Lamb -- Indirect volunteers and application of the volunteer cube : a framework for international sport volunteering? / Berit Skirstad and Elsa Kristiansen -- International development through excellence and leadership in sport (IDEALS) : the Namibia and Liverpool John Moores University programme / Tom Fletcher and Danny Cullinane -- International sport volunteering and social legacy : impact, development and health improvement in Lusaka, Zambia / Fiona Reid and Jenny Tattersall -- Learning about sport for development and peace through international volunteers / Mike Bartle and Peter Craig -- The motives and social capital gains of sport for development and peace volunteers in Cameroon : a comparative analysis of international and national volunteers / Joanne Clarke and Paul Salisbury -- The role of ISV in international volunteer tourism programmes / Angela M Benson -- Concluding comments and future directions in international sport volunteering research / Nicholas Wise and Angela M Benson..

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