Case study : rugby sevens : opportunities and challenges from joining the Olympic programme / Rachael Church

Church, Rachael | World Academy of Sport

Edited by World Academy of Sport - 2016

Olympic Agenda 2020 Recommendation 10, states the following: “The IOC to allow the OCOGs to make a proposal for the inclusion of one or more additional events on the Olympic programme for that edition of the Olympic Games”. The practical implementation of this not only requires a recommendation from the relevant OCOG and the approval of the IOC Session, it then also requires the support of the IOC to both the OCOG and the respective International Federation (IF) to ensure a successful smooth pathway into the Games that ensures a substantial legacy for both the IF and the host country for the Games. Tokyo 2020 has participated as the first OCOG in this historic process and proposed a package of up to five new sports to be added to their programme which was approved by the IOC Session in August 2016. This opportunity provides significant learnings for the five proposed sports, but also a number of potentially unknown implications and impacts. In order to help those sports as well as ones with future Olympic ambitions assess the challenges and opportunities from joining the Olympic programme, this case study will focus on Rugby Sevens as one of the most recent “new sports”. Using learning garnered by World Rugby and some of the sport’s National Unions, it will take a look at the operational and legacy opportunities and challenges that Olympic inclusions provides so that future Ifs, National Federations (NFs), OCOGs and associated stakeholders can maximise the opportunities for their athletes and the sport that are provided as a result of this Agenda 2020 innovation.

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