Beyond boycotts : sport during the Cold War in Europe / ed. Philippe Vonnard.... [et al.]

Vonnard, Philippe

Edited by W. de Gruyter - 2018

On June 22, 1974, East and West German national football teams met for the first international game of the FIFA World cup. Played in Hamburg, the game ended with an East German victory of 1-0, after a goal scored by Jürgen Sparwasser. This game symbolized how sport could subvert international and diplomatic oppositions during the Cold war and demonstrated how sport was used as a tool of diplomacy. This book explores original studies on sport during the Cold war in Europe. Three perspectives have been developed. First, the book gives new insight into the use of sport by European states as a tool of diplomacy. Second, the researchers show how sport institutions could counterbalance Cold war divisions throughout the period. Finally, the book demonstrates how sport on the continent acted globally, enlarging the framework of the narrative and considering Europe in its worldwide context. The authors (members of RERIS network) explore the importance of considering the role of sport during the Cold war in Europe not only as an arena of competition but also as an instrument for rapprochement and mutual understanding.

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