Patterns of influence : relationship with the IOC as seen by the organisers of the Youth Olympic Winter Games 2016 / Jon Helge Lesjø, Anna-Maria Strittmatter, Dag Vidar Hanstad

Helge Lesjø, Jon | Strittmatter, Anna-Maria | Hanstad, Dag Vidar

The Youth Olympic Games (YOG) resembles the Olympic Games in many ways but have also their own identity and characteristics. In this article, we analyse patterns of influence between the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and local organizers prior to the YOG 2016. The findings show that these patterns vary over time and between different areas of governance and management. The IOC in general follows event organizers rather closely through detailed manuals, routines of communications, and reports. According to local organizers, this model of governance fits big events such as the Olympics better than a smaller events such as YOG. Through time and processes characterized by negotiated trust however, local organizers gained more autonomy. This case shows that hosts can gain power through the control and trust mechanism and realize local projects.

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