Paralympians competing in the Olympic Games and the potential implications for the Paralympic Games / Leonardo José Mataruna-Dos-Santos, Andressa Fontes Guimarães-Mataruna, Daniel Range

Mataruna-dos-Santos, Leonardo José | Guimarães-Mataruna, Andressa Fontes | Range, Daniel

The 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, held in Rio de Janeiro, reignited public interest and discussion around Paralympic athletes attempting to qualify for, and compete at, the Olympic Games. That Paralympians have sought to compete at the Olympic Games is, however, not new. This paper looks at the largely unrecognised and often underreported history of Paralympians competing at the Olympic Games and addresses why it is that Paralympians may wish to compete at the Olympic Games. The paper also explores whether or not with advances in medical and prosthetic technologies, as well as potentially increased income and funding, we can expect to see more Paralympians attempting to crossover and compete in the Olympic Games in the future.

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