Sport and diplomacy : Games within Games / ed. by J. Simon Rofe

Rofe, Simon J.

Edited by Manchester University Press - 2018

The purpose of this book is to critically enhance the appreciation of diplomacy and sport in global affairs for both practitioners and scholars. The book will make an important new contribution to at least two distinct fields of study: diplomacy and sport, as well as to those concerned with history, politics, sociology, and international relations. The critical analysis the book provides explores the linkages across these fields, particularly in relation to soft power and public diplomacy. Its conclusions offer avenues for further study based on the future of the relationship between sport and diplomacy. The book has strong international basis: it covers a broad range of countries, their diplomatic relationship with sport and is written by a truly transnational cast of authors. The intense media scrutiny on the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, and other international sports will contribute to the global interest in this volume.

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