Sydney 2000 / by Milton Cockburn... [et ]

Cockburn, Milton

This special feature is dedicated to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. It contents also the following articles: "Seven years ago..." by Milton Cockburn, "Sydney 2000 at a glance", "Quotations on Sydney", "Olympic song", "The Olympic sites of the Games" by Jennifer Hockey, "The media" by Richard Palfreyman, "Olympic arts festival" by Tony Park, "Olympic philately: from Melbourne to Sydney" by Manfred Bergmann, "Flag of peace", "Olympic coins" by Alison Puchy, "Olympic Youth Camp", "Volunteers: the Gamesforce 2000", "Cultural diversity", "Community hospitality", "University Olympic initatives", "Olympic Museum, Lausanne", "East Timorese athletes in Sydney", "A gesture of fair play", "The Sydney torch at the United Nations", "Olympic Solidarity" and "The XI Paralympic Games" by Margaret Mcdonald.

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See the issue of the journal "Olympic review, XXVI-34, August-September 2000"

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