The Olympic Games, agenda 2020 and action sports : the promise, politics and performance of organisational change / Holly Thorpe & Belinda Wheaton

Thorpe, Holly | Wheaton, Belinda

This article examines the power and politics involved in the process of including three new action sports–surfing, skateboarding and sport climbing–into the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Drawing upon interviews with 20 key individuals involved in the process (e.g. action sport IF Presidents and staff; Presidents of action sport national federations; industry members; athletes), and formal and informal communications with IOC staff, the authors reveal the complex power relationships between the IOC and international action sport governing bodies, and within the International Federations of surfing, skateboarding and sport climbing. Furthermore, they contextualise the inclusion of these new action sports into the Tokyo 2020 programme within Agenda 2020 and significant IOC policy reform.

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