Dual governance structures in action sports : institutionalization processes of professional snowboarding revisited / Anna-Maria Strittmatter... [et al.]

Strittmatter, Anna-Maria

With the increased number of action sports joining the Olympic Games, such as the inclusion of surfing, skateboarding and climbing into Tokyo 2020, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) poses a substantial challenge to the governance of subcultural freestyle sports. This article examines the current governance structures in international competitive snowboarding and analyses empirically how key actors operate within the diverging logics that shape such structures. Our findings suggest that recent professionalization processes have led to defragmentation efforts, thus signalling a shift towards a nation-based governance focus. Therefore, the authors conclude that other action sports that will join the Olympics, such as surfing and skateboarding, are advised to find solutions for mediating inherent contradictions of governance logics to avoid institutional fragmentation at an early stage.

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