Handbook on strategic management of National Olympic Committees : strategic tools to handle the complex future / Holger Preuss, Christiane Schallhorn, Norbert Schütte

Preuss, Holger | Schallhorn, Christiana | Schütte, Norbert

Edited by RINGS - 2022

This handbook covers the most important topics of the ERASMUS+ (2020-2022) “RINGS” project (Road towards Innovative Governance of National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and Grassroots sport organisations). It aims to assist NOCs in identifying changes and providing tools to implement them, as well as analysing the situation, in order to enable the various boards and managers to identify opportunities by avoiding threats and minimising risks. This handbook offers many practical applications, recommendations, and training sessions via workshops and case studies.

Other research

Selection : Zoom Ethics and Good Governance

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