Sports diplomacy : special issue / ed. by James Pamment... [et al.]

Pamment, James

Edited by Palgrave McMillan - 2019

Special issue on sports diplomacy : editorial / James Pamment.
Identifying sports diplomacy resources as soft power tools / Kambiz Abdi... [et al.].
From soft power to sports diplomacy: a theoretical and conceptual discussion / Yoav Dubinsky.
U.S. public diplomacy and sports stars: mobilizing African-American athletes as goodwill ambassadors from the cold war to an uncertain future / Andrew F. Cooper.
Israel’s country image in the 2016 Olympic Games / Yoav Dubinsky, Lars Dzikus.
The image of Beijing in Europe: findings from The Times, Le Figaro, Der Spiegel from 2000 to 2015 / Jian Xu, Yongrong Cao.
London 2012 Olympics: exercises in cultural diplomacy / Tiffany Bourgeois.

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