The world's fastest-growing sport : maximizing the economic success of esports whilst balancing regulatory concerns and ensuring the protection of those involved / Ross Sylvester and Patrick Rennie

Sylvester, Ross | Rennie, Patrick

The esports industry and its swift progression show no sign of slowing down. In fact, as the industry becomes more established and more sophisticated, it will be better equipped to maximize the clear commercial opportunities that exist. There are certainly challenges ahead with respect to integrity, fragmentation, monetizing viewership, and gambling. How esports reacts to these challenges will be critical to its long‐term success, but it is important to keep in mind that these issues are not unique to esports and all sport have faced (and are facing) very similar issues. Perhaps the key distinction between esports and other sports is the lack of coherent regulation and a clearly identifiable governing body. These things must follow, as it is not sustainable for such a large industry to continue without proper checks and balances. One expects that these elements will follow shortly and, arguably, esports can learn a lot from the mistakes that conventional sports have made in these areas in the not‐so‐distant past. Should that happen, it is not so fanciful as it might once have been to imagine esports featuring in the Olympics in the near future.

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