Teaching values in movement activities : inherent and added values / Irena Martinková

Martínková, Irena

This paper examines the topic of values in movement activities from the perspective of education. In the first section, different kinds of values relevant for movement activities are distinguished, out of which two kinds of values are highlighted – values specific to movement activities themselves (values inherent in movement activities) and values promoted by educational systems (values added to movement activities). Education in the context of movement activities needs to foster both of these two kinds of values. In the second section, the example of Olympism is given, to illustrate these two kinds of values. Within Olympism, the values inherent in sport are termed ’competition values’ and the added values, which arise from the humanistic aims of Olympism, are termed ’humanistic value s’. These humanistic values of Olympism, because they are not inherent in sport practice itself, require special attention and effort in order to be presented and transferred. Nevertheless, both of these kinds of values are necessary for Olympism, and thus both should be fostered.

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