Handbook on protecting sport from competition manipulation : Interpol IOC integrity in sport initiative / International Olympic Committee; Interpol

International Criminal Police Organization | International Olympic Committee

Edited by International Olympic Committee - 2016

This handbook has been prepared by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Criminal Police Organisation (INTERPOL) with whom the IOC signed an agreement in 2014. The partnership aims to support effective investigations of crimes related to sport and breaches of sports regulations and to specifically implement actions designed to recognise, resist and report competition manipulation, enhance capacity at the national and international levels as well as to provide operational support to regulatory enforcement so as to effectively prevent and respond to integrity infringements. This handbook complements global capacity building and training being undertaken by the IOC and INTERPOL that aims to assist sport in protecting clean athletes and clean competitions, particularly as they relate to competition manipulation. Tools for effective international cooperation regarding sports integrity already exist and have proven to be effective. It is now a matter of supporting their systematic use and making them a cornerstone of a common strategy. This handbook should be read, understood and acted upon by all national and international sports governing bodies and their staff.

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