Sport, social development and peace / ed. by Kevin Young... [et al.]

Young, Kevin

Edited by Emerald Group Publ - 2014

In recent years, sport has attracted considerable attention as an effective means of combating such local and global issues as war and conflict, poverty, ethnic reconciliation, and gender conflicts. Sport has been shown to be an effective tool or triggering device compared to the other development sectors, especially when donors can apply grassroots activities to the development contexts in thoughtful and continuing ways. This book fills the gap in this critical topic- that will only grow more important as governments, sport and national organizations direct more funds towards forms of play, PE and sport in the hope that these will represent one way of coalescing communities and assist development and peace. This volume is part of the early serious and systematic inquiry into this issue. In addition to showcasing some of the most recognized names in the research subfield of sociology of sport, the book draws upon an international roster of global contributors. The empirical focus of the chapters spans from Africa to Asia. Further, these chapters represent three groups - theory and philosophy, empirical research in actual 'on-the-ground' case studies, and those using circumspection and care to construct cases regarding measurement and evaluation.

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