Cultural views of the Olympics "citius, altius, fortuis, pulchrius, humanius" / Norbert Müller... [et al.] eds

Müller, Norbert

Edited by Agon Sportverlag - 2016

Coubertin valued "beauty [as] the involvement of the arts and the mind in the [Olympic] Games [...] to be realized through participation in the Games" as an essential element of modern Olympism. Therefore, Hans Lenk, gold medalist 1960 and great international philosopher, proposed an extension of the Olympic Motto into "citius-altius-fortiu-pulchrius-humanius" to include asthetic and humanistic thoughts constructing an Olympic ideal. Inspired by Lenk's proposal, the editors chose to extended motto as subtitle of this book to accentuate the "cultural views of Olympics". The goal assigned to the Olympic cultural program by the IOC is to promote harmonious relations, mutual understanding and friendship among the participants and visitors of the Olympic Games.

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