Mega-event cities : urban legacies of global sports events / ed. by Valerie Viehoff... [et al.]

Viehoff, Valerie

Edited by Ashgate - 2015

Bringing together scholars, practitioners and policy makers, this book focuses upon the legacies sought by cities that host major sports events. It analyses how governments, the IOC and others define and measure "legacy". It also focuses upon the challenges and opportunities facing future host cities of mega-events, looking at their aspirations and the intended impact upon their domestic and international development. It questions what the global shift in geographical location of mega-events means for sports development and the business of sport, what the attractions are for cities seeking to harness the hosting of mega-event, and whether there may be longer term consequences for the bidding and hosting major sporting events in the wake of the widespread social unrest that accompanied the preparations in Brazil for hosting the FIFA World Cup (2014 and the Summer Olympics (2016) and in Turkey, where there was significant opposition to bid the 2020 summer Olympiad.

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