Sport and spectacle in the Ancient world / Donald G. Kyle

Kyle, Donald G.

Edited by Wiley Blackwell - 2015

This second edition of "Sport and spectacle in the Ancient world" provides an updated introduction to over 2000 years of ancient history on this topic. Author Donald G. Kyle takes readers from the early civilizations of the ancient Near East, through Greek and Hellenistic times, and up to the waning days of the Roman Empire. Kyle continues to challenge traditional scholarship in the field, supporting his claims with new research and new interpretation of ancient sources. Featuring more illustrations and a larger, more accessible format, the second edition is updated with the most recent scholarship and features an all-new chapter highlighting sport and spectacle during the late Roman period. This edition also provides summaries of new discoveries such as bull-jumping mosaics in the Nile Delta and insights into Greek athletic festivals from letters by the Roman emperor Hadrian. Clear and engaging, "Sport and spectacle in the Ancient world", second edition, is an invaluable resource for students and readers of all levels.

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