"Olympism and education : a critial review / ed. Kathleen Armour... [et al.]

Armour, Kathleen M.

Edited by Routledge - 2012

Contents: Editorial / Kathleen Armour… [et al.]. – Olympic education and Olympism: still colonizing children’s minds / Helen Jefferson Lenskyj. – Olympic values education: evolution of a pedagogy / Deanna L. Binder. – Debunking Olympic sized myths: government investments in Olympism in the context of terror and the risk society / Richard Pringle. – Optimizing Olympic education: a comprehensive approach to understanding and teaching the philosophy of Olympism / Sara Jane Teetzel. – The Olympic Movement’s strategy for the integration of the concept of Olympic education into the education system: the French example / Eric Monnin. – Educating Copacabana: a critical analysis of the concept of Olympic education program of Rio 2016 / Jorge Knijnik and Otávio Tavares. – Olympism as education: analyzing the learning experiences of elite athletes / D. Barket… [et al.]. – Olympic education and beyond: Olympism and value legacies from the Olympic and Paralympic Games / Dikaia Chatziefstathiou.

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