Athina 2004 Olympiakon agonos : eikastiki tavtotita = Athens 2004 Olympic Games : the visual identity / Organising Committee for the Olympic Games Athens 2004

Summer Olympic Games. Organizing Committee. 28, 2004, Athēna

Edited by ATHOC - 2002

These publications show the 2004 Athens Olympic Games visual identity through the various themes and visual patterns chosen to illustrate this edition of the Olympic Games. The volumes include a presentation of the overall design, the emblem, the typeface, the colours, the main marks, the mascots, the sport pictograms and panorama.

Vol.1: Athens 2004 Olympic Games. - Vol.2: The emblem. - Vol.3: The typeface. - Vol.4: The colours.
Vol.5: The main marks. - Vol.6: The mascots. - Vol.7: The sport pictograms. - Vol.8: Panorama.

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