Olympic realities : sechs Städte nach dem Grossanlass = Olympic realities : six cities after the Games / ed. by Bruno Helbling

Helbling, Bruno

Edited by Birkhäuser Verlag - 2015

What comes after the Games: from their subsequent use to their decay - photo documentation of six large Olympic venues in the aftermath of the Games. Olympic sports facilities are places that get a great amount of attention for a short period of time. Moreover, media attention has rapidly increased in recent years, which reinforces the effect of temporary use even more. But what happens to the elaborately planned and expensive sports venues in the aftermath of the Games? Photographer Bruno Helbling followed the fate of six venues with his camera: Athens (1896, 2004), Berlin (1936), Sarajevo (1984), Torino (2006), Beijing (2008), and Sochi (2014). His images are neither judgmental nor disavowing. He offers the viewer an objective yet aesthetically captivating look at what now awaits visitors to the respective sites. The variety of possible subsequent uses shown here - whether planned or unplanned - is both insightful and educational. At the same time, it demonstrates the effectiveness of architecture in an environment that is beyond the reaches of planning control. A book that is both poetic and inspiring. Bruno Helbling is a Swiss architecture photographer who since 2012 has been focusing on Olympic venues.

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