Social media in the Olympic Games : actors, management and participation / Emilio Fernandez Pena, Natividad Ramajo, & Maria Arauz

Fernández Peña, Emilio | Ramajo, Natividad | Arauz, Maria

This work deals with how is the very nature of social media communication for the Olympic family and delves into the special communication logics of social networking website, which is associated very well with essence of sport. The chapter analyses the uses of social media by the Olympic family and what are the formulas put into practice for promoting publics’ attention. Despite the cross-pollination between social networks and web platforms being better exploited, participation of the public had a notable unidirectional nature, very similar to that of traditional media. In that sese, participation promoted in the public is merely emotional. However, spreadability is increasing, as demonstrated by the fact that many users now share Olympic family member’s publications with their friends. The Olympic family has the opportunity to use social media as tool for promoting change and human excellence, turning into an extension of its important role in society.

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